Hi, my name is Evangelos Vlasopoulos and this is my online Portfolio. Here you can see some of my art and contact me for future works.

My Love with the Art of Photography

I’ve always captured myself looking the light and how it reflects to everything. Since my childhood until today, I am capturing moments with my mind and I get fascinated by the beauty of everything around me!

Evan Vlasopoulos

As a kid and teenager I’ve witnessed the change of the analog to digital era.

My first compact cameras and even my first SLR (Minolta) were film cameras. As everybody at that time I was super excited when I got my first Digital Compact Camera (for first and last time a Canon).

It was a wonderful experience to be able to watch the foto right away and then develop it my computer! During my middle 20’s I’ve started to get deeper into the art of Photography and then I felt the need to be serious about it and get bigger and better “toy” to complete my photo-thoughts!

Since 2008 I’ve been using Nikon and since then it’s only Nikon for me!

Also, since 2008 I’ve past several photographic areas, from Macro, Food & Drink Photography, to Landscape, infrared & extreme 360 Panoramas.

It seems that I’ve tested every photographic flavour and for some years now I am on the right tracks with Portrait Photography!

Ready for every Konzept

During the years I’ve learned a lot about Photography. The most difficult part was not to be able to catch the light, but to establish an appropriate relationship and cooperation with my models.

Today I am prepared to handle almost every Photographic Project. My equipment can handle the most exotic ideas and my photo knowledge have reached the highest level. This doesn’t mean that I do not get trained anymore! I am getting trained about the Art of Photography and the Art of Photo Editing in daily basis through internet, books and magazines.

Personal Information

  • Name: Evangelos Vlasopoulos
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Date of Birth: 16th February 1981
  • Gender: Male



  • 2012, September: Completed degree of Professional Photography from the Photography Institute, England
  • 2012, February: Degree of Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • 2011, January: Degree of Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Phoshop
  • 2009, October: Degree in Glamour Photography Konzepts, Greece


  • 2008 till Today: Freelance Photographer and Online Video Teacher.


  • March, 2011: Head Lecturer of the Adobe Photoshop Training Seminar for Professional Photographers in Kalamata, Greece
  • July, 2015: Head Lecturer of the Photographic Seminar with subject the “Long Exposure” in Athens, Greece (200 attendants)
  • Decemeber, 2015: Head Lecturer of the Photographic Seminar with subject the “Action Portraits” in Studio (50 attendants)

Online Seminars

  • 2009 till Today: Creator and “online” teacher of www.teachme.gr, the biggest Greek web site with professional video training. Teaching Photography, Photo Editing, Videography, Web Design, 3D, Video Animation, Graphic Design and more.